IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference
15-18 April 2018 // Barcelona, Spain
Leading the Way to 5G and Beyond

Call for Papers

While the 5G technologies becomes clearer and more available to be introduced even as evolutions of 4G systems, it is still very unclear how the verticals will be impacted by these new components.Evaluating the performance of networks, vertical applications and services, and individual or combined system components in an End-to-End fashion is still facing open challenges and issues. The workshop will then cover issues related to performance evaluation of connected verticals, network and components towards an end to end network performance evaluation in 4.5G to 5G, covering the entire chain from concept definition, simulation, emulation, and live trials.The scope of the workshop covers, but not limited to:

  • Application and service testing
    • Model-based testing
    • Correlating radio and IP behaviour
    • Server-side testing
    • App performance verification
    • Key Performance Indication for App performance
    • App Quality of Experience Evaluation
    • Big data Analytics for service and network behaviour verification
  • Simulation and Emulation systems
    • E2E system level computer simulation tools
    • Integration of emulation and real network components
    • Complexity reduction for End-to-End emulation tools
    • Emulation and Simulation RAN, Network, and Traffic modelling
  • End-to-End testbeds and trials
    • Network sandboxes
    • Live trials performance evaluation
    • Testing tools for sandboxes and live networks
  • Other topics related to End-to-End Performance Evaluation and Testing can be of interest

The workshop invites papers for submission. Papers should follow IEEE WCNC 2018 formatting and length guidelines.The organizers invite also to participate to the interactive session with the use of the Triangle testbed. Mobile App developers are also invited to bring their own App for testing within the testbed.A PDF version of this call for paper can be downloaded here.