IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference
15-18 April 2018 // Barcelona, Spain
Leading the Way to 5G and Beyond

5G End-to-End Performance Evaluation and Testing (5G-PET)

5G End-to-End Performance Evaluation and Testing (5G-PET)

INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPThe incredible amount of new technologies simultaneously introduced in the new perspective 5G networks will make very difficult to accurately evaluate the End-to-End (E2E) performance of the network, when all the technologies will interplay. Mixing new frequencies, physical layer formats and numerologies, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), and Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs/NFV) will create an E2E chain of possible unpredictable interactions. This uncertainty is also due to an unclear definition of what are the performance evaluation and testing tools and methodologies that should be used for the 5G system. On the other side of the coin, the mobile App and services market is experiencing a constant growth in both size and revenue, even though a common ground for verifying the App performance in a standardized fashion is still lacking. Software testing considers the network a reliable data pipe but the requirements foreseen for the connected Apps and services towards 5G will make it impossible to develop software without considering its performance in varying network conditions. The workshop will then cover issues related to performance evaluation of connected verticals, network and components towards an end to end network performance evaluation in 4.5G to 5G.  From accurate comprehensive simulation systems and tools to Key Performance Indicators, from trial network performances to drive tests, the workshop will cover all the issues with a blend of visionary keynote, panel discussion, technical papers, and hands-on experience with a performance evaluation system made available through the EU H2020 Triangle testbed. Keynote speaker: Prof. Preben Mogensen, Principal Engineer Nokia Bell Labs & Professor at Aalborg University    5G-PET Interactive WorkshopCome and experiment with the testbed infrastructure provided by the Triangle EU H2020 project.Bring your own mobile App, or use the available reference applications to run End-to-End tests and experiments.Use the available test cases library or build your own. Play with parameters in Apps, devices, RAN, or EPC, to have an idea of the possibilities offered by the testbed.The testbed consists of a set of mobile devices, reference mobile Apps, a RAN emulator, a transport network emulator, and a commercial Evolved Packet Core. Based primarily on 4.5G/4.9G technologies, the testbed allows to run performance evaluation and test scenarios in a fashion as close as possible to real/realistic conditions.The data are processed through the Triangle tools to obtain multi-domain profiles of the App, device, or service under evaluation.